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Shampoos / Conditioner & Finishing Sprays / Cleaner / EZ Dry III Dryer



Blueberry Blast

This premium shampoo is specially formulated for the professional groomer.  Fine natural and botanical ingredients and a PH balanced  hypo-allergenic formula adds gleaming luster while removing deeply embedded dirt without stripping the coat. 

Gentle to the pet's skin and the groomer's hands. Nourishes the skin and Coat.

Rinses out completely and easily. 

Will not affect flea control or spot treatments.

Safe for Cats

24:1 Concentrate

Gallon - $65.00
Crystal Black Enzyme Shampoo

Crystal Black Enzyme Shampoo Not only improves dark or black coats, but also helps to remove tears, saliva & urine stains. Works wonderfully on black, silver, and gray colored pets! Crystal Black Shampoo uses coconut based cleansing agents to effectively remove oil based soil. This complex removes stains caused by urine, grass, blood, saliva and other organic soil. This formulation is fortified by the addition of moisturizing agents that leave the coat and skin in great condition.

May be used on cats

8:1 Concentrate

16 oz $19.99

Gallon $67.99


Crystal White Shampoo

Crystal White Enzyme Shampoo Not only whitens, but also helps to remove tears, saliva & urine stains. Works wonderfully on all colored pets!

Green "Watermelon / Cucumber" is the most effective formula in colour enhancing pet shampoo technology.  This shampoo uses the properties of natural enzymes and powerful optical brighteners, in a palm and coconut base of cleansing agesnt to produce brilliant snow white coats and more defined markings.

The natural enzymes in this shampoo digest protein based stains caused by urine, tears, blood, grass, saliva and other organic soils.  Stubborn stains are removed after three or four baths.

Colour and contrast will be improved after two or three baths. 

A Blend of botanical extracts stimulates, strengthens and highlights the coat.  Works wonderfully on all coloured pets. 

Heat positively influences the enzymatic action but it not required. 

Appropriate for preparation of horses for parade and show baths for Cattle Competition. 


Painted horses, parade horses and cattle will look stunning with Crystal White Shampoo

Hypoallergenic and Gentle

Guaranteed not to create "Halo Effect" under mercury vapor lights. 

Use with Crystal Brite Conditioner to restore moisture and softness.  Mild and Hypo-allergenic

Safe for Cats

Keep Out of Eyes

8:1 Concentrate



16 oz $22.50

Gallon $77.50

Crystal Gold Enzyme Shampoo


Crystal Gold Enzyme Shampoo


Crystal Gold Enzyme Shampoo Not only refreshes gold and brown colors, but also helps to remove tears, saliva & urine stains. Works wonderfully on bronze Red, Gold, and Brown colored pets! Heat before use. Crystal Gold Shampoo is the most advanced formulation in shampoo technology. This formulation combines enzymes found in nature to produce the first enzymatic complex for shampoos. This complex removes stains caused by urine, grass, blood, saliva and other organic soil.

May be used on cats

8:1 Concentrate

16 oz $19.99

Gallon $67.99


dEZolve Shampoo

Pink Powder Soft Scent

This amazing shampoo cuts through even the worst grease and oil, usually with only one application, yet it is extremely gentle to the skin.

Originally designed to remove Pomade from Model's hair with just one shampoo instead of 7 or 8 shampooings with other products.

This formulation combines a number of primary cleansers and anti-irritants that result in a powerful cleaning system that is gentle to the skin

It has been demonstrated to be a potent degreaser for Cockers, Yorkies and other greasy breeds.  It is highly effective for degreasing stud tail symptom of Cats.

4:1  Concentrate

Hypoallergenic and Gentle

Safe for Cats


For deSkunking - Hydrogen Peroxide, Baking Sodea and dEZolve Shampoo


16 oz  - $22.50

Gallon - $77.00

Filthy Beast Shampoo


E-Z Groom Filthy Beast is the most effective 50:1 dilution shampoo. 

Delivers superior cleaning at full dilution. 

The best ingredients for detangling and deshedding the hair.    

The botanical extracts in this shampoo are anti-inflammatory and soothing to the skin. 

Human cosmetic grade dimethicone temporarily closes the cuticle to reduce the hair shaft diameter, allowing detangling and dematting, and allowing access to the undercoat fore removal of dead hair.   

 Rinses out in cold water, so rinsing in warm water will be very quick and easy with minimal water.  Using warm water makes it very well suited for large animals including horse, cattle and sheep.

Suitable for all pets and also great for large animals, like horses, cattle and sheep.

Also safe for cats.

Keep out of eyes.

50:1 Dilution


16 oz - $22.50

Gallon - $85.00

Eucalyptus & Green Tea Shampoo

Invigorating shampoo that provides an extraordinary bathing experience with Luxurious amounts of the fine foam and gentle cleansing agents. 

Mild to the skin, will not cause skin irritation to the pet's skin or groomer's hands.

This deodorizing shampoo has agents that penetrate the hair shaft thereby softening the coat and making it full and easy to manage. 

Multipurpose formula concentrated design to effectively remove even the toughest of soil and grime.

Great for dogs and cats

Removes grease and offensive odors

24:1 Concentrate

Gallon - $65.00

Lemon Grass Shampoo

This wonderful deep cleaning shampoo is a mild, hypo-allergenic and gentle shampoo.

It is formulated specifically to deodorize and clean.

Moisturizing beads contain Vitamin E and a Fresh and Light Lemongrass Fragrance

Gentle on animals, Safe for Cats

24:1 Concentrate






Gallon - $65.00

Medicated Oatmeal Shampoo, Tearless

Medicated Oatmeal Shampoo - White "Wintergreen - Oatmeal"

This Shampoo uses the latest developments on Botanotherapy. 

Botanical Extracts combined with colloidal oatmeal.  .  Oil of wintergreen included for its anti inflammatory properties.  A combination of active

 A combination of active botanical ingredients which produce an amazing and truly potent anti-itch shampoo. E-Z Grooms Medicated Oatmeal Shampoo combines plant derived extracts, Meadowsweet, yucca, comfrey, calendula, burdock, thyme and yarrow,  combined with colloidal oatmeal and effective, anti-inflammatory essential oils. The herbal extracts have been derived form Chinese herbal medicine sources and are used extensively for the relief of skin disorders.

Safe for Cats.

8:1 Conc.



Gallon - $85.00
Orange Crush Shampoo



"Orange" (1.24SSH) orange scented, is formulated for pleasant conditioning, loaded with vitamin B-5.

It will add texture and body to lifeless and tired coats. 24-1.

Excellent rinsability mobile groomer and professional salon love the way it fills the air with brilliant orange. 

This shampoo is wonderful on poodle and Bichon coats. no double coated dog should live withouth texture.

Safe on cats.

Keep out of eyes.

24:1 Conc




Gallon - $65.00
Puppermint Shampoo

A deep cleansing Shampoo concentrate that will effectively cleanse the coat without stripping it from it natural moisture balance.

This mint scented shampoo is formulated to eliminate nasty doggy odors and results in fresh and clean smelling pet. this is your basic bathing shampoo.

We have had feed back from hundreds of groomers telling us that this shampoo is the only one that covers up cigarette smoke.

Also, the Fleas do not like oil of wintergreen or mint. Mint scented Deep Cleans
16:1 Concentrate



Gallon - $65.00

Strawberry Kiss Shampoo

This wonderful moisturizing shampoo is a mild baby shampoo concentrate.

Appropriate for facials and spa treatments.

It is formulated with strawberry fragrance and strawberry extracts.

This product will hydrate the hair and sooth the skin.

Made of the finest baby mild ingredients, it will serve all your bathing needs.

Hypo-allergenic and gentle. Safe for cats.

24:1 Concentrate



Gallon - $65.00

Structure Shampoo

Add Texture and Body to the coat.

Excellent for droopy Top Knots and coarse coats.

Refreshing Cinnamon fragrance.

16:1 Concentrate.

Safe for Cats

16 oz $16.99

Ultra Clear Shampoo

A Deep Cleansing shampoo concentrate will effectively cleanse the coat without stripping its natural moisture balance.

This unscented shampoo is formulated to eliminate nasty doggy odors and result in a fresh and clean smelling pet.

Ultra Clear is the same base as our other EZ Groom Shampoos with no colour or Fragrance

This shampoo should be your basic bathing shampoo

Hypo-Allergenic and gentle

Safe for Cats

24:1 Concentrate




Gallon - $65.00

EZ Sani-Cide Hard Surface Cleaner


A neutral pH detergent, deodorizing cleaner that is effective on the following: staphylococcus aureus, streptococcus pyogenes, and HIV-1 Instantly deodorizes and leaves a fresh and clean neutral fragrance, while eliminating disease and odor causing germs. Use per label instructions


Octyl decyl dimethyl ammonium chloride......................1.627%

Dioctyl dimethyl ammonium chloride..............................0.814%

Didecyl dimethyl ammonium chloride.............................0.814%

Alkyl (50% C14,  40% C12, 10% C16) dimethyl)

benzyl ammonium chloride.............................................2.170%

INERT INGREDIENTS...................................................94.575%




Add 2 oz of this product per gallon of water for hard surface cleaner. Read and abide by the Federally Regulated Label instructions on the bottle. Seller assumes no responsibility in the use or mis-use of this product.


Another important piece of information: There is currently NO disinfectant available that has labeling that says it will kill SARS-CoV-2. This virus is so new that lab testing has not even been made available. The EPA has announced its Emerging Pathogen Policy in response to this pandemic which allows “off-label” use for EPA-Registered disinfectants with similar virus kill claims. This means that if a disinfectant is labeled to kill a similar virus, it is thought that the disinfectant will kill the emerging (new) pathogen.

For more information on CDC recommendations on cleaning and disinfection, please visit the link below:

Gallon $53.99




Conditioners & Finishing Sprays

Crystal Brite Conditioner

Crystal Brite Conditioner/Cream Rinse. Light Watermelon and Cucumber Scent.

Rich emollients, nourishing botanicals will restore lustre and shine.

Does not contain humectants that enlarge the hair shaft.

This is the first Conditioner on the Market in the Pet Industry, that like our Crystal White, will brighten the coat.

This formulation is Compatible with our Crystal White Shampoo, Crystal Gold and Crystal Black Shampoo.

EZ Combing means less damage to the hair shaft.

 This conditioner will not slow the blow dry process.

May be used on cats.

8:1 Concentrate.

16oz $19.99

Gallon $75.00

Ruff Out Finishing Spray


Ruff Out The only finishing spray you will ever need.

Leave in formulation which creates body and texture without leaving a residue.

Its natural nutrients aid in de-matting and help prevent future mats.

It is also bodifier spray and De-tangler spray.

Excelllent for dry brushing

Hypo-allergenic and safe for Dogs and Cats


16 oz $17.99

Gallon - $53.99

Ultra Fast Blow Dry Conditioner

Ultra Rich Conditioner has a Breezy Clean Scent

Multipurpose formulation, containing nourishing botanicals.

Leaves the coat tangle and static free

Helps reduces tangles and mats.  Adds shine and makes the animal's coat less susceptible to attract dust and dirt.

Safe for Cats

4:1 Concentrate

16 oz - $19.99

Gallon  - $75.00




Twin Motor, Variable Speed, Force Dryer. Wall Mountable with no additional hardware. This unit does require a dedicated 20 Amp. circuit.

This Dryer Features:

• Powerful Variable speed with two(2) 115V motors 
• Strong 60000 fpm 
• 9 FT Cord-Heavy Duty 12 gauge wire 
• High impact ABS USA Roto-mould Housing 
• Insulated for quiet operation 
• Light weight (18.8 lbs)
• Easy filter replacement 
• Washable filter
• Easy carrying handle
• Wall mounting holes are integral to the housing 
• 19 Amps when the variable speed control is turned all the way up. 60,000 fpm with 260 c.f.m. delivering every ounce of air flow that a standard 20amp. wall receptacle will allow 
• Ten (10) anti static crush resistant hose with (2) separate interchangeable nozzles

For professional use only. Caution this dryer, like any double motor can cause damage to the animal and/or groomer due to the high velocity of air. Do not point the air directly into the eyes or genital areas. 






You can email us or call 403-938-1885


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