We are a Full supply show booth and a full grooming supply company.  A family business giving you personalized service at Great Prices!   

Call 1-403-938-1885 or email info@tybrushe.com       

June 24, 2020 - Covid 19 Update:   Please read our update

We are fully operational and offering Curbside / Contactless pickup Monday t0 Saturday 11 - 5, and we are shipping as well.

We, Darren and Sheila, at Tybrushe Pet Supply take our business and the risks of spreading the Covid 19 - Coronavirus, very seriously.

Given Darren's recent surgery's we are taking extra precautions not to infect him so we are continuing Curbside/Contactless pickup. 

In doing this, we are ensuring that your products are packed by ourselves and not touched by anyone else.

Tybrushe will continue to operate by taking orders and our customers can pay by emt (email/interac money transfer)) or credit card.

We know that people like to come to our shop to see all the different items that are in our shop which sell so fast we canít have them on our website.  We will gladly take pictures and put them on our Facebook and website to help your virtual shopping experience. Feel free to ask about products that you are looking for

We sincerely appreciate your business and your support for our small business committed to serving the groomers as well as animal owners.

For orders, please email - info@tybrushe.com , and include ALL shipping information including phone #and how you want to pay.

we will ship or you can pick up outside our store, we are just outside the south Calgary city limits

Please allow min 24 hours from time of payment, until pickup unless otherwise communicated by Tybrushe. 

Pickup Mon to Sat 11-5 unless otherwise communicated by Tybrushe

For those who like to pay with Email Money Transfer/ Interac Transfer (EMT) We DEFINITELY can do that for you! _____________________________________________________________________

How to Order
#1 ALL Systems
AmberTech Remedies
Bark 2 Basics
Beacon Hill Products
BH Naill Grinder
BH Show Leads
BH Soft Crates
Bitch Britches
Coat Handler
Chris Christensen
Crown Royale
DeLee Suction & Bulb
Dirty Dog Mat
Double K
Encore Brushes
encore Coat King
Eye Envy
Groomers Edge
Groomers Goop
Happy Hoodie
K9 Competition
Lainee Bands/Wraps
Millers Forge
Nail Clippers & Related
Nose Butter
Nutramin Clay
One Puff Aspr/Resus
Plush Puppy
Puppy ID Bands
Reliq-Mineral Spa
Sedona Scissors
Show Tech
Snuggle Puppy
Stripping Knives
The Stuff
TKO - Orange
Treats & Bait
Whelping - Puppy Raising
Young Living Essential Oils & Products
Books - Grooming and Training
Bowls & Pails
Collar & Leashes
Crates & Covers
Ear Tapes/Posts
Fans & Shade Screens
Grooming Equipment
Hair Dyes
Scissors & Blades
Show Leashes
Show Notions
Show Collars & Leashes
Tables Arms Expens
Treats & Toys
Wet Coats by Beacon Hill
Shipping/Return Policy
Holter Sales & Rental

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