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Grooming Tables


























Precision Grooming Tables Asst Sizes and prices NEW in BOX image0


18" x 30" x 33" (H) $134.99

24" x 36" x 30" (H) $159.99

24" x 48" x 30" (H) $199.99 (Special Order)

  • Extra Strong Welds
  • Professional Quality
  • Solid Plywood Tops
  • Added Safety-No Exposed Hardware
  • Ribbed Vinyl Top
    - Helps Prevent Animals from Slipping
    - Easy to Clean
  • Available in Three Sizes
  • Perfect for Home or Professional Use!

For Pets
Safe: Specially-designed edge molding means no exposed 
screws or fasteners to catch pet hair and clothing.

For You
Built to Last: Real plywood tops won't chip or absorb water. All table materials are moisture-resistant and designed to withstand vigorous use, making them a wise investment for any professional.
Convenient: Washable vinyl molding and table covering are a snap to clean, saving you time and money.
Options: Tables are perfect for home or professional use. We offer optional arms and clamps with a nylon loop and accessory trays to help create your perfect grooming environment.

Accessory Options (Available Separately):

Side-Clamp and Grooming Arm
- Attractive Polished Finish
- Versatile Side-Clamp Adjusts to Any Position


Exercise Pens


18 High - $69.99

24 High - $79.99 

30 High - $89.99

 36 High - $99.99

42 High - $109.99

48 High - $119.99

 48" X 48" Lid - $40.00


Grooming Arms and Clamps


36" Arm with Clamp - $49.99

48" Arm with Clamp - $59.99

Heavy Duty 48" Folding Arm with Clamp - $129.99


Courtyard Kennel



- Call for pricing

(discounts on 3 or more pre-ordered - i.e. not expected to pick up at a show without notifying us ahead of time)

Each box contains six 38 high, three-foot wide panels, one of which has a built-in gate for easy access to the pet. can be easily transformed to portable 18-foot fence

Precision Wire Crates

Two Doors Give You Convenient Access to Your Pet
Assembled and Ready to Set Up
Simple to Store and Transport
Secure Safety Latch
Rounded CornersEasy Clean, PlasticPan Rust Resistant,
Black Electro-Coat Finish


Model Dimensions (LxWxH) Dog weight Price


2000 24x18x19 inches 25#  - $49.99

3000 30x19x21 inches 40#  - $64.99

4000 36x23x25 inches 70#  - $89.99

5000 42x28x30 inches 90#  - $114.99

6000 48x30x32 inches         - $144.99



Precision Puppy Pen



36" x 36"x 30" Tall - Special Order only


Grid Floor


Precision Soft Sided Play Yards


36" x 36"x 21" Tall  - $100





You can email us or call 403-938-1885


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