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A shampoo recommended for breeds with wire coats such as Schnauzers, Terriers, etc... or breeds requiring volume (Poodle, Bobtail, Kerry Blue,...).

A very mild shampoo, ideal for sensitive skins or frequent washes.

It's antiseptic relaxing properties produce balsamic effects on skin.

The vitamin complex of this formula adds nutrients to the coat, strengthening and helping regeneration. Leaves coat shiny and full of vitality.

9 oz - $10.50

180 oz - $80.50


An ideal shampoo for long-haired breeds (Yorkshire, Lhasa Apso, Maltés, Afgano, etc.) and on dry and deteriorated coats.

Very mild with a base of natural surface-active agents. The relaxing properties of this shampoo produce a balsamic effect on the skin.

The vitamin complex deeply nourishes the coat, and the moisturizing and oil restoring components help recover the natural texture of the hair, leaving it soft, shiny and full of vitality.

9 oz - $11.50

180 oz - $83.50

Blanc Shampoo (For Black & White)

A shampoo designed for the care of white, black and grey coats intensifying natural color.

It's soft, tensoactive properties along with the gentle shade of the product, help clean and leave the coat looking bright and shiny.

Never has there been such an effective formula in the elimination of yellow tones from white coats.

9 oz - 12.50

180 oz - 95.00

Basic Shampoo

A shampoo ideal for all breeds.

With its emulsion effect, it eliminates dirt with maximum respect to the skin and coat.

Contains oat extracts.

Ideal for day to day use in the salon.

180 oz - 50.50


(for colour after shampoo)


For white, black, grey and brown coats. 

Completely enhances the natural color. Produces shinny and bright results. 

Very concentrated product for use after shampooing. 

Do not use directly on coat, apply a small amount in hand, rub hands together and when white cream appears, massage gently into hair. 

Note: Do not leave in hair more than 3 minutes. 

Rinse thoroughly. 

100% effective (when used as directed). 

Does not contain washing properties.

33.9 oz - $55.00

Speed Dry

  • This special shampoo recommended for use between shampoos or when the animal is unable to come into contact with water.
  • Fast and easy to use.
  • The components of this formula absorbs excess oil and eliminates the dirt and bad odours of the coat, leaving it soft, clean and perfumed instantly.




    Protein Vital - Concentrated Conditioner

    Protein Vital is a leave in conditioner that instantly restores the vibrancy of all coat types, without adding weight or changing texture.

    This product works to repair the coat with silk protein, It contains Pro-Vitamin B5 which contributes to the natural shine of a healthy coat & adds elasticity & flexibility while preventing breakage.

    Pump Included on large Container

    3.46 oz - $18.00

    22.5 oz - $63.50

    Keratin Vital Concentrated Conditioner

    A conditioner that instantly restores the softness and shine of natural hair, achieving a silky, easy-to-brush look.

    Keratin regenerates damaged hair and by adding more weight, it hangs better and increases the hair�s straightness.

    It is not necessary to rinse.

    Pump included.

    3.46 oz - $18

    22.50 oz - $63.50

    Matt-X Dematter and Conditioner

    Artero Matt-X. Best New Product of the Year in USA 2016 

    Spray conditioner created to help eliminate mats and knots.

    Quick and easy to use.

    Helps undo mats and conditions damaged hair.

    Thanks to the non-greasy, antistatic formula, this conditioner aids brushing and leaves the coat silky smooth.


    Out of stock

    A very popular alternative that is less greasy is the Chris Christensen Ice on Ice Ultra Dematting Spray


    Flash Nutritive Shine Conditioner

    It gives extraordinary shine and silky results to all coats.

    The careful selection of it's components gives a non-greasy, conditioning effect which allows it's use as a softner on a dry coat, giving it a shiny invisible film that prevents tangling and helps bushing.






    Podium - Hair Spray Dry Hold

    A dry particle spray that can be used for fixing or texturizing any style.

    Allows free movement of the hair, and is imperceptible to the touch.

    Can be used on all colours/tones of hair.

    Artero Podium Dry Hold is the perfect finish for all breeds, especially terriers and also for topknots.

    Removed by brushing.

    Does not leave residuum in the hair.

    Suitable for use in salons.


    Podium - Hair Spray Strong Hold

    Hairspray which provides complete hold.

    Stands up to even vigorous shaking.

    Perfect for fixing a topknot, especially in shows, expos, etc.

    Suitable for use on black coated dogs as no residuum left.


    Static Control

    Use on clean coats. For an antistatic / anti fuzz effect spray sparingly over coat, then brush in the natural direction of the hair.

    To create volume, generously spray over coat and then back-comb (against natural direction of hair).

    Ideal for use while cutting.

    Dry micro-particles are diffused through the hair which do not moisten the coat.


    Oil Fresh Cooling Spray

    Cooling spray.


    Instantly cools down blades resulting in a longer lasting cut.

    Helps avoid rusting.




    Double Flexible Slicker Small $22.50
    Double Flexible Slicker $23.00



    T47055.jpg Artero Shears Satin 5.5"  





    Artero Work shirt

    Ilva Green

    Ilva Fucsia


  • 100% Designed & created exclusively in Barcelona.
  • Extra resistant material.
  • 100% Special  Polyester (Very fresh and breathable material).
  • Repels hair.
  • Non-Crease.
  • Quick – Drying.
  • Stain Resistant.
  • Color bleach resistant materia


    Small to XL - $50

    2XL  and  3XL - $55






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