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Anti-Static Coat Control Anti-Static Coat Control

With UV Filter


Plush Puppy Anti-Static Coat Control  is a lightweight spray infused with organic properties designed to control static and flyaways on all coats. 

 It is particularly brilliant on long flowing coats and a must-have to add to your other Plush Puppy dog grooming products.

It is an amazing grooming tool that works as an anti-static for scissoring and finishing.

Nothing is more frustrating than hours of preparation for the judge and your dogs coat just isn’t perfect. 

Working with our team of pharmacists, Plush Puppy has used the latest technology to develop this amazing new product.  

The result is an extreme performant anti-static spray that controls static electricity! 

It also adds to the protection, strength and perfect finished look of the coat.

Added benefits include a UV filter to stop sun damage and protect against heat.

As it is lightweight in formula, it will not go oily or cause hairs to stick together, nor will it soften strong texture coats.

Anti-Stat Coat Control is ideal for maintaining and protecting all types of dog coats including long coats, feathering, ear fringes and tail. Perfect for pre-show preparation!

Its natural properties include extracts of Witch Hazel Leaf, Linden Flower, Birch Bark and Nettle.

If your goal is to achieve the perfect coat and finish, then this Plush Puppy Anti-Static Coat Control will produce results for your demands.


Suitable: Plush Puppy Anti-Static Coat Control is suitable for all coat types, especially long flowing coats.

Directions: Spray light mist from 30cm on a dry coat, repeat if necessary.

EXPERT TIP: Use the Plush Puppy Ultimate Anti-Static Porcupine Brush to eliminate static electricity and remove tangles and loose coat hair with ease.  The Anti-Stat brush consists of 100% black boar bristles with dialon porcupine pins.  Due to its superior anti-static properties, we use Dialon instead of nylon.


250 ML - $25.00

BLOW DRY CREAM Flattens/Softens/Conditions/Disentangles

Nothing works better than this to instantly flatten and soften a boofy coat on either a young puppy coat or a coat that just bulks out too much. Also helps deter static. Dilute 1 tbspn to 1 cup warm water in a Plush Puppy Spray Bottle and liberally apply to damp coat. Use wide toothed comb to ease through coat and blow dry with a Plush Puppy Pin Brush, finishing with a Plush Puppy Anti Static Brush. Can also be used as a softening, grooming spray.

105g - $26.00

225g - $38.00

500g - $80.00

CHALKESTRAL ‘PLUS’ Powder/Chalk Holder

Brilliant for adhering Fairy Frost or your favourite chalk to the coat for all day hold. Helps minimise abrasion from chalk. Wonderfully conditioning and water soluble. So much performance in one jar! Protection, moisture, hold! Holds the chalk brilliantly and protects from Chalk damage. Adds moisture and condition at same time. A multi talented product. Not too heavy, never too runny, never greasy. Great texture and quick to apply. Use small amount on hands and wipe over area before chalk/powder application. You can never overuse this product. A great grooming result every time.

250g - $34.00

COVER UP CREAM White Make Up  

Great cover for stains or discolouration. Excellent cosmetic cover on “red” or worn elbows. Use on muzzle areas for Boxers, Border Collies, Whippets, Bull Terriers etc and inside ears for fuller coated look on Samoyeds and Siberians. Apply lightly with a barely damp sponge. Build up coverage as required layer by layer. Powder or chalk as required whilst cream is drying. Brush off excess chalk when dry.

100g - $25.00

A FAST DRY Blow Dry Spray

A revolutionary innovative Fast Dry Blow Dry Spray that combines the latest active ingredients together to dramatically reduce drying time, adds moisture and conditions while protecting the coat.

This new formulation does so many things to benefit the result when grooming.

We called it FAST because one of the ingredients makes water evaporate quickly, so cutting down the time taken to blow dry. Our research has shown that it can take 50% less time to achieve the finished look. 

It contains a recently discovered ingredient from the Australian Native Flame Tree that makes dry or old coat feel and look perfect

It also protects the coat from damage from sun and heat. 

It contains a slight hold ingredient for better coat management and a special active ingredient that eliminates static electricity and stops the flyaways. 

FAST is probably the most technically advanced formula in the Plush Puppy Range to date. The feedback from those who have been testing FAST for the last 6 months is “simply fantastic, when can we get it!”

How to apply: Shampoo and towel dry thoroughly before applying FAST throughout coat including under layers, brush through. 
Blow dry into shape until dry.


500 ml - 40.00

(with spray trigger)


1 Litre Refill - $56.50


5 Litre - $235.00

FAIRY FROST REGULAR White Powder for Regular Coats

The perfectionists alternative to chalks and starches. Ultra fine, perfect white & clings to the coat. Does not clump in wet conditions. DIRECTIONS: Apply with soft bristle or shaving brush and work well into white areas. Made from naturally sourced ingredients - no chalk or talc. The perfectionists choice.

400g - $60.00

FAIRY FROST TERRIER White Powder for Terriers & Harsh Coats

An innovative approach to the usual methods of white chalking/adding powder to coats. Clings well and doesn’t clump. Adds body, incredible texture and leaves the coat in a much harsher state. DIRECTIONS: Apply with brush or preferred method. We recommend a shaving brush for small areas or use a soft bristle brush and work into the coat where required for enhancing whites & texture. Made from naturally sourced ingredients. INSTANT TEXTURE.

200g  - $40.00
HOLD coat sculpting spray HOLD

Coat Shaper

Plush Puppy HOLD is a strong sculpting spray scientifically formulated for shaping all types of coats.

Quick drying yet completely water soluble HOLD won’t become sticky nor create build-up in the coat.

It works in humid conditions and is easily removed by simply shampooing the coat as it is 100% water soluble.

Containing Pro Vitamin B5 to improve elasticity, moisture retention and flexibility in the coat hair.

100% water soluble when washed out, leaving no residue.

Use this strong sculpting spray to fix any style into place! 

HOLD is the perfect finishing spray for all breeds.  

Suitable for salons and shows.



400 gm - $22.00


Coat Deodorizer

100ml, 200ml or 5Lt

Plush Puppy Odour Muncher Deodoriser ORIGINAL or FRESH

Introducing an added fragrance to the already popular ‘Original’ Plush Puppy® Odour Muncher. . . 
NEW ‘Fresh’ Odour Muncher – Described as a fresh and sweet forest scent!

A must-have for every dog, this long-lasting, smell-good coat deodoriser with active enzymes literally munches the unwanted odours that your fur-friend may leave behind. Odour Muncher is a fresh approach to dog hygiene that kills odours in an instant.

Plush Puppy® Odour Muncher will freshen your smelly dog or any areas where your dog may have left a scent. It is particularly great for indoors and on furniture, especially if guests are coming over and you do not want to offend with that well known ‘doggy smell’!

A light mist over any surface will completely freshen the area! Brilliant to use in-between grooming visits or bath times!

A highly effective long-lasting coat deodoriser that does not inhibit natural transpiration or interfere with the natural flora of the skin.

Suitable for all breeds and coat types! Spray a light mist directly on your dog and any places where an odour may have been left:

  • Bedding
  • Lounges
  • Carpets & Mats
  • Kennels
  • Cars
  • Vet Surgeries
  • Wherever your dog has left a smell!

Suitable: Plush Puppy Odour Muncher perfumed dog deodoriser is suitable for all breeds and coat types.

Directions: To use Plush Puppy Odour Muncher mist a small amount over the dog to leave them fresh and clean.  A little goes a long way. 

Scent Descriptions:
Odour Muncher ‘Original’ is described as a scent with masculine overtones.
Odour Muncher ‘Fresh’ is described as a fresh and sweet forest scent.


200 ml - $35.00

O.M.G READY TO USE  Multi Purpose Grooming Spray

Available 500ml Trigger Spray . This strength is suitable for most needs. Can be slightly diluted further to suit individual needs. e.g. add 10% water.

250ml - $22.50

500 ml - $35.00

Above sizes With Trigger Sprayer

1 Litre - $49.00

O.M.G CONCENTRATE Multi Purpose Grooming Spray.

A revolutionary grooming spray combining all the aspects of latest technology with old fashioned common sense - it works!. Repels dirt. Completely water soluble. Will not build up. Effortless disentangler. Removes hair spray. Dilute to suit individual coat needs. Recommended from 20:1 dilution to as much as 40:1. Use 15:1 for dematting. Use on wet or dry coat prior to brushing or disentangling. If you wonder why we called it O.M.G, you will surely understand when you use it. A miracle in a bottle!

500 ml - $99.00

20 to 1 Dilution

PIXIE DUST Shimmering Coat Powder

Ultra fine white powder that sparkles in the sun or under lights. This is the ultimate grooming powder to give your dog the winning edge. Apply after chalk or mix small amount with your chalk. For shimmer only, can be used on any colour coat including black. Apply sparingly to a brush, tap lightly and brush through the topline or area to be highlighted or hand sift onto the coat. Work well into the coat and watch it catch the light.

110g - $34.50

PROTEIN COAT BALM The Perfect Finishing Cream

With Lotion pump

Recommended for a light finish to reduce static when presenting a dog for show. Excellent on all flowing coated breeds, for fringes on Saluki, Spaniels and Setters and to keep the coat in place e.g. Maltese, Shih Tzu, Afghans, American Cockers, Yorkies and in fact any coat that needs to stay lightly and softly in place. Wonderful for settling flyaway hairs. Light and non greasy, Coat Balm can be applied just prior to presenting in the ring. Apply a small amount and smooth down the lengths of the coat and then apply an extra amount to the ends of the coat by clumping the hands, (fingers to palms) along the edges of the coat fall. This will add light weight to the length of the coat to help keep it in place when in motion. Can be used repeatedly throughout the day. Contains UV filters and protein.  

200 ml - $34.50

PUFFY DOG* Adds Strong Hold and Fullness

New Non Aerosol

Fantastic for creating full root lift e.g Collie, Sheltie or Belgian ruff. Wonderful for creating that chrysanthemum shaped head on a Westie or Cairn Terrier. Excellent for fluffing up pants on Siberians or Malamutes or fuller legs on a Schnauzer. Apply Puffy Dog and style as usual. There are so many breeds that can take advantage of


200ml - $31.50

QUICK FIX GROOMING SPRAY* Light Hold/Conditioning Spray

also called Spray on Conditioner

An exciting quick spray solution where a light hold factor is required. This brilliant formulation is packed full of milk fats to add lubrication and condition. Use as a grooming spray for coats that need lift & volume - does not leave a hard product feel to the coat.

Recommended for brushing up Shelties, Collies, Old English, Belgians etc. Use on double coats that are not fully back in coat to lift and fluff up on showday. Good for defusing nasty swirls in the flanks due to lack of coat and to puff up pants. Use sparingly to required areas. Comb to disentangle or to shape whilst wet, or brush when dry. Allow approx 2 mins to dry when sprayed onto dry coat or finish with dryer. Can be diluted for fine coats. DO NOT RINSE. LEAVE IN. This innovative formula features milk fats, soya protein and pantheno


On Sale for  Limited time


500 ml - $29.00 - Now $18.00

With Trigger Sprayer


1 Ltr - $49.00 - Now $24.50

REVIVA COAT. Moisturizing Foam

A remarkable “leave in” product designed to moisturize all types of coats without leaving them greasy or feeling oily. This amazing formula really gets results. Brilliant for conditioning coats that cannot take a regular conditioner e.g. where you need to retain fullness, or coats that need a totally non greasy conditioning. Great for disentangling and reducing knots. Particularly good for flowing coats that need wrapping e.g. Pekingese, Shih Tzus, Yorkshire Terriers etc. We recommend foaming about a golf ball sized amount to 1 cup of warm water in a Plush Puppy Spray Bottle. Gently blend well and spray onto coat lengths. Wrap as normal. Can be used as a grooming/disentangling spray – dilute and mix as above. For regular moisturising and rehydration, simply shake can well and apply a golf ball sized amount to hands. Spread through the coat. Comb, brush or groom as usual. DO NOT RINSE. LEAVE IN.


250g - $33.00

RUFFY TUFFY* For Harsh Coated Breeds

A grooming spray specifically for harsh coated and shorter coated breeds where wire texture or a coarse/harsh coat is essential in the breed. Texturises without stickiness. Ideal for Terriers and herding dogs. Helps firm and coarsen the coat. Apply light spray either to wet or dry coats. Keep repeating application until desired textured is achieved. Dry naturally or blow dry. Can also be used to create a firmer texture after bathing. As natural as we can make it. Water soluble.

175ml - $35.00

SEABREEZE OIL. Ultra Fine Coat Oil

Blended from essential plant oils for calming and healing benefits. This product truly has “star” quality. Adds shine & condition for fantastic healthy vigour to the coat. Use as an alternative to a regular conditioner as it does not flatten or soften the hair. Add 1 tbspn to 4 lt/1gal warm water and hydrobath through the coat OR sponge liberally through the coat to saturate. LEAVE IN. DO NOT RINSE. Perfect product for coat change and maintenance - use at a stronger dilution ratio. Effective for most breeds including Poodles, Rotties, Dobermanns, Boxers, Arctic Breeds Terriers & Setters etc. Adjust dilution rate according to coat needs. Can also be applied without dilution for traditional coat oiling. Use sparingly for wrapping or to help stop coat breakage. Adds strength and deters tangling. An innovative organic formula where old meets new - sourced from Calendula Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, etc. Our favourite product!

200ml - $45.00

1 Ltr - $150.00

SHINE & COMB. Shine Coat Finish.

Brilliant spray coat finish and totally oil free. Wonderful for instant healthy looking shine. Recommended as a spray polish for all groomed coats. Makes topline and whites really shimmer. Best used applied directly to a dry coat prior to entering the show ring. Wonderful for bringing out the full glamour of the shine and colour as a final finish to breeds such as Pugs, Rottweilers, Boxers etc. Use as a last minute finish on saddles such as Afghans and American Cockers. Suitable for double coated breeds also.


250 ml - $47.00

SIT N STAY Pliable Coat Shaper.

Excellent for shaping and moulding coats into place such as parts on Lhasas, Shih Tzu, Briards etc. Great also for Terrier furnishings eg. shaping a Westie head and root lift to Collie and Sheltie ruffs. Nice also for hand shaping that bitsy unkempt look on a Cairn. Use as a prechalker on legs e.g. Malamutes, Siberians etc.

Apply small amount to fingertips – will initially feel sticky – rub together till warm and the initial stickiness starts to dissipate – then apply to coat, either at the roots for lift or to the mid lengths and trailing to the ends for Terriers.

An excellent anti slip product to apply to pads for some tricky indoor show surfaces.


105g - $31.00

STUK UP* Styling & Coat Fix

Extra Hold Spray. Perfect for use on wet or dry coats when sculpting & fixing the coat to shape or finish.

Good for root lift, holding & shaping etc. Excellent for Poodles, OES, Shih Tzus and many other breed needs.

Use for top knots, eye brows, smoothing odds and ends into place and many other uses.

Totally versatile and totally water soluble. Will not build up.

Great creative styling product or simply for hold.


175 ml - $31.00

225ml - $39.00

(limited qty of the 225 ml as that size is being discontinued)

SWISHY COAT Coat Manager for Flowing Coated Breeds

Innovative product particularly for flowing coated breeds e.g. Afghans, Maltese, American Cockers, Shih Tzu, Lhasas etc where the coat is expected to hang in a smooth, swinging, swishy action in motion and fall smoothly back into place on the stack. Good for long silky ear featherings. Excellent for temporarily straightening wavy coats. Can be used to reduce volume, static electricity, flatten or make a coat appear more silky. Use according to breed requirements e.g. 1 tspn to 2 litres/half gallon of warm water for a Maltese, 1 tbspn to 1 cup warm water for an Afghan and dilute for all other breeds in between these two mixes. Apply and work well through the lengths and layers of the coat. Leave in and brush whilst blow drying. Can be used in conjunction with Blow Dry Cream for very boofy coats to reduce volume and make as flat as possible.


225g - $50.00

VOLUMISING CREAM* Styling Cream for Fuller Coat Effects

For all types of coats – an innovative approach to making “3 hairs look like 3,000”. A real solution for out of coat situations and does not leave a sticky residue or unwanted stiffness. Coat feels and looks natural. Mix 1 tbsp to 1 cup warm water and saturate mix through a barely damp coat. Leave in – do not rinse. Blow dry up and against the growth of the coat. Use again on show day as a light spritz in a Plush Puppy 250 ml Spray Bottle and lightly blow dry or brush into shape. Excellent for dogs where a fully grown coat look is essential e.g. Pomeranians, Pekingese, Siberians, Malamutes, Akitas, Samoyed, Collies etc. Canlive without this!

225g - $41.00

500ml - $71.50


Volumising Spray 'Ready To Use'

Use Volumising Spray for quicker, easier and fuller coat results. 

Recommended For: All coats

How to apply: - Spray approx 45cm from coat - Can be used on dry or damp coat - Suitable for all coat textures - Blow dry or brush to shape

Use Volumising Spray 'Ready To Use' for quicker, easier and fuller coat results either before blowdrying or Use to 'fluff' up the coat before the show.

- Tweaked and balanced for all coats 

- A hair thickener - not a hair stiffener and not easily detectable 

- Handy trigger spray with turn on/ turn off tap


500 ml - $31.50

1 Litre - $43.00

5 Litre - $153.00

also Please see Quick Fix Grooming Spray

FLOWER ESSENCE DROPS To Help Overcome Negative & Undesired Behaviour

All 25ml bottles with dropper. Flower essence remedies are now an integral part of the natural alternative approach to handling behaviour. These do not cure a dog as such but assist with the attitude of the dog to enable him to overcome unhappy, unwanted or disastrous situations. We have many success stories. Natural flower essences blended and preserved in alcohol.


APPREHENSION DROPS -. For dogs with an irrational fear of the unknown e.g. ring shy, dislikes certain environments or experiences.

 SHOWREVIVER DROPS -. Good pick me up. For lethargic or lazy dogs e.g. bored, hates the heat, exhausted after stress of travel.

 HORMONE BALANCER Helps the bitch on a physiological level. Can be used for imbalances such as – irregular seasons, conception, reproductive problems, underactive/overactive sexual activity, after birth of pups.


25ml - $31.00

Compare to Most remedies

that are only 10 ml


For use in conjunction with Styling/Finishing products.

3 sizes.

125ml (Pocket Size) 

250ml (1 Cup) Code

500ml (For Larger Mixes or Travel

Conveniently graded in measurements for easy mixing and dilution of show styling products. Easy to hold ergonomic design with neat trigger that disperses a fine, even mist. The 2 larger sizes have adjustable nozzles.

High quality PET plastic that looks like glass to retain strength and clarity

250 ml -$9.00

500ml - $11.00

Mixer Bottles



500 ml Bottle - $11.50

The differences between

Puffy Dog, Quick Fix, Volumising Cream, Ruffy Tuffy & Stuk Up

*Puffy Dog will give strong lift & hold, assisting the coat to look fuller and to give shape.

*Quick Fix is a light conditioning & coat strengthening product that gives a light lift and hold.

*Volumising Cream has practically no lift or hold but coats each hair to give the impression of more coat. Best for out of coat situations or just fuller effects. Brilliant!

*Ruffy Tuffy is a coat texturizer. It leaves a harsh feel to the coat with light hold.

*Stuk Up gives super strong hold & finish.





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All PLUSH PUPPY shampoos & conditioners are suitable for dogs with most skin problems & are formulated from naturally sourced ingredients.

All are organic, environmentally friendly & not tested on laboratory animals.

All shampoos and conditioners should be applied unless otherwise specified, diluted 5:1 for general cleansing and up to 10:1 for lighter cleansing.

Dilution aids more even dispersion and outcome. PP shampoos are of high quality, extremely performant, bio-degradable and cater for the discerning show person seeking a point of difference.



Let's Face It Unique Face Shampoo

It has special natural ingredients to ‘clean and sooth’ folds and creases of a dogs face and the Blue Cypress Extracts are particularly effective on Brachycephalic face types where wrinkle can get infected or sore.

A new hypoallergenic sulfate free low foaming shampoo just for dogs faces

No tears formula - does not sting dogs’ eyes

No Fragrance to annoy the sensitive nose of dogs

Foam consistency for easy control application

150ml pump action bottle

Panthenol - Pro Vitamin B5 to add moisture and to aid healing.

Blue Cypress Extract - Native extract for anti-inflammatory benefits.

SugaNate - A sulfate free base with extremely low irritation to eyes and skin.

This product is very concentrated and is dispensed as a foam that is easy to control and apply.

A little “Let’s Face It” goes a long way and is another magical product from Plush Puppy. 

Directions: Pump golf ball size amount into wet hands, apply to dogs' face, lather & rinse.


150 ml - $24.00



An intensely coloured shampoo for toning black coats - gives depth to faded coats & enhances natural colour. For maximum effect use on a well cleansed coat (PP Deep Cleansing Shampoo) to clarify the coat prior to use. Remove excess moisture and apply at FULL STRENGTH or minimal dilution & leave preferably for 10 min before rinsing. Repeat if necessary, until coverage is achieved. If a little bit of black is good, then a lot of black is even better! Incredible results! Use only on black coats. This is a toning shampoo not a show preparation shampoo on its own. May need to be used in conjunction with your specific Plush Puppy shampoo. Derived from organic sources with herbal extracts and black tone.

500 ml - $48.00


Recommended to help reduce unwanted stains or product build up. For clarifying, use every third to fourth shampoo and leave for 3-5 minutes for full effect before rinsing. Excellent to spruce up dull whites but can be used on any colour coat for deep cleansing when required. Derived from organic sources with green tea extract and seaweed extract. Dilute approx. 5:1.

500 ml -$42.00

1 Ltr - $73.00

5 Litre - $225.00


Recommended for white coats or white areas to reduce yellowing and impart a sparkling clear sheen (does not bleach or lighten). Good for black, grey, brown and red coats where there is a need to negate unwanted warm tones such as sun fading or reddening in the coat. Derived from organic sources with ginseng extract, protein and violet tone. Dilute approx. 10:1.


Also see Petites

250ml - $25.00

500 ml - $40.00

1 Ltr - $60.00

5 Ltr - $215.00



Dilute approx. 10:1. This is the “shine” shampoo. Suitable for all breeds where coat texture is to be retained e.g. Akitas, Siberians, Shelties etc. Recommended also for short coated breeds that specifically don’t want a softened coat e.g. Weimeraners, Bulldogs, Rottweilers. For Terriers use 15:1. A good all round shampoo to use when the coat texture is healthy and shine is the focus. Derived from organic sources with extracts of henna, alpine herbs and lichen.


250ml - $25.00

500ml - $40.00

1 Ltr - $65.00

5 Ltr - $240.00



The absolute answer in shampoo for body and lift. Ideal for full coated breeds e.g. Poodles, Old English, Bouvier Des Flandres and excellent for double coated breeds after shedding such as Malamutes, Samoyeds, Collies etc. Will not flatten or soften. Extremely outcome oriented. This gives lift! Derived from organic sources - bolstered by wheat protein and wheat starch with D-panthenol. Dilute approx. 5:1.

250ml - $25.00

500ml - $40.00

1 Ltr - $60.00

5 Ltr - $225.00


Dilute approx. 10:1.

An excellent softening and conditioning shampoo for soft coated, flowing coated breeds and use on all breeds when the coat is dehydrated, old or too wiry. Will add shine and assist disentangling on flowing coated breeds e.g. Afghans, Shih Tzu etc. Derived from organic sources with strong emphasis on Evening Primrose oil.

250 ml - $25.00

500ml - $40.00

1 Ltr - $60.00

5 Ltr- $225.00


A natural pleasant smelling alternative that has proven effective for dogs with a range of sensitive skin issues. Ideal for the dog who scratches a lot but doesn’t have fleas. Concentrated to allow dilution at various strengths according to the sensitivity of the skin. Use initially at a ratio of 3 parts water to 1 part shampoo until the symptoms abate then use at greater dilutions up to 10:1. Derived from organic sources with Lichen, Alpine Herbs and Arnica.

500ml - $58.50



Texture+ Shampoo

For Terriers & Coarse Coats

Plush Puppy Texture+ Shampoo retains and adds texture to the coat.  It is loaded with powerful extracts from the Gentian Root, Juniper Fruit, St John’s Wart Leaf, Hay Flower, Lemon Balm Leaf and the Arnica Flower to nourish and vitalise the skin while deeply yet gently cleansing and deodorising the coat.  This breakthrough product is a must-have for any texture-obsessed dog groomer.  It thoroughly yet gently cleanses, deodorises and adds texture to the coat of Terriers and other wire, harsh or coarse coated breed without softening or compromising texture.

Suitable: Plush Puppy Texture+ Plush Shampoo is a pH controlled, low irritant, easy rinse formula and is suitable for coarse coated, harsh or wire breeds and any coat wanting to add texture and crispness.

Directions: To use Plush Puppy Texture+ Shampoo, wet coat thoroughly, apply onto coat and massage until it lathers, then rinse thoroughly.

Dilution Rate: Use diluted up to 1:10 (1 part shampoo to 10 parts water)
Apply undiluted shampoo to any areas that require intensive cleaning and maximised results, rinse thoroughly.


500 ml - $43.00

1 Litre - $67.00

5 Litre - $240.00

(out of stock of 5 Litre)

Salon Formula Shampoo 5Lt Salon Formula Shampoo


Plush Puppy Salon Formula Shampoo – is a cost-effective, efficient concentrated shampoo blend. Formulated specifically for multiple dog grooming situations or busy groomers.

Only the highest quality ingredients have been blended in this shampoo making it rich in natural antioxidants and Vitamins A and C. Salon Formula Shampoo is excellent for sensitive skins, moisturising and strengthening the coat.  It also works to reduce static electricity.

Quite simply, an easy-rinse shampoo suitable for use on all coat kinds making it the choice of groomers and kennels who bath all breeds and all coat colours all day, every day. Suitable for use in Hydrobath or in other bathing methods. Lightly fragranced.

Suitable: Plush Puppy Salon Formula Shampoo is suitable for all colour and coat types. Excellent for sensitive skins, moisturising and strengthening the coat. Ideal for grooming salons, kennels and high volume dog grooming situations.

Procedure: Apply at a dilution rate of 1:25 (1 part shampoo to 25 parts water) to a wet coat, work to a lather, then rinse thoroughly.

Dilute less for very dirty dogs or repeat procedure.

Follow up with Salon Formula Conditioner if the coat requires hydrating or detangling.

Can use at:  Home, Salon Bath, Hydrobath




5 Litre  - $60

5 Litre = 1.32 Gallons = $45.45 per Gallon


20 Litres - $200

($37.88 per gallon)



Pump for 5 Litre Jug - $12.00




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Intensive Restructuring Treatment.

Coat Rescue is an intensive rebuilding and revitalizing treatment suitable for all coat types. Specifically formulated for dry or damaged coats. Naturally blended essential oils and pure plant extracts help restore strength and elasticity to dehydrated and tired coat hair. After shampoo and rinse, apply either directly to coat by hand or through hydrobath. Best applied for easier & even dispersion by diluting with water to a workable slurry. Leave for at least 3 minutes and rinse. Follow with conditioner for long coated breeds. Dry and style as usual. This exciting product contains Kaolin, Almond Oil, Cinnamon Bark, Castor Oil, Soya Protein, Seaweed Extract and many other naturally sourced ingredients.

250 ml - $30.00

1 Litre - $81.00

(1 Litre Out of Stock - Arriving Feb 2023)


Recommended for all coats that require softening, disentangling or rehydration. Also reduces static electricity and has a mild smoothing effect. Can be diluted 5 parts water to 1 part conditioner and up to 10:1 for light use. For use on its own or can be mixed with Swishy Coat or Blow Dry Cream or both for specific coat needs and left in to assist blow-drying. Derived from organic sources with silk amino acids and plant extracts

250 ml - $25.00

500 ml - $40.00

1 Ltr - $60.00

5 Ltr - $226.00

Salon Formula Conditioner Salon Formula Conditioner


Plush Puppy Salon Formula Conditioner is a concentrated professional grooming Conditioner. 

It is extremely cost-effective and efficient making it perfect for multiple dog grooming situations or busy groomers. 

The formulation uses the highest quality ingredients, rich in antioxidants, Vitamin A and C. 

Provitamin B5 excellent for sensitive skins, moisturising and strengthening the coat whilst smoothing the cuticle.

A low fragranced formula that offers consistent results of leaving the coat smelling fresh.

Suitable: Plush Puppy Salon Formula Conditioner is suitable for all colour and coat types. Ideal for grooming salons, kennels and high volume dog grooming situations.

Procedure: Apply at a dilution rate of 1:35 for maintenance (1 part conditioner to 35 parts water), massage through and rinse thoroughly.

Dilute Less for Dry and Brittle Coats


Can use at:  Home, Salon Bath, Hydrobath



This is an EXCELLENT DEMATTING  Conditioner!!



5 Litre  - $70.00

5 Litre = 1.32 Gallons = $53 per Gallon


20 Litres - $231

($43.75 per gallon)


Pump for 5 Litre Jug - $12.00


QUICK FIX GROOMING SPRAY* Light Hold/Conditioning Spray

also called Spray on Conditioner

An exciting quick spray solution where a light hold factor is required. This brilliant formulation is packed full of milk fats to add lubrication and condition. Use as a grooming spray for coats that need lift & volume - does not leave a hard product feel to the coat.

Recommended for brushing up Shelties, Collies, Old English, Belgians etc. Use on double coats that are not fully back in coat to lift and fluff up on showday. Good for defusing nasty swirls in the flanks due to lack of coat and to puff up pants. Use sparingly to required areas. Comb to disentangle or to shape whilst wet, or brush when dry. Allow approx 2 mins to dry when sprayed onto dry coat or finish with dryer. Can be diluted for fine coats. DO NOT RINSE. LEAVE IN. This innovative formula features milk fats, soya protein and pantheno


On Sale for  Limited time


500 ml - $29.00 - Now $18.00

With Trigger Sprayer


1 Ltr - $49.00 - Now $30.00




A revolutionary innovative spray on ‘leave in’ or ‘rinse out’ coat conditioner specially formulated with a lower viscosity to be sprayed without compromising concentration or richness of ingredients

• Moisturizes and detangles
• Excellent shine 
• Perfect for all coats

How to apply: Spray mist onto coat. Massage through. Leave In or Rinse Out for required result.

Moiturizes and detanges.  Excellent Shine. Perfect for all coats.  Gentle Formula

500 ml - $34.00

(with sprayer)

1 Litre Refill - $55.00

POWDER PUFF REGULAR Dry Cleanser for All Coats

A dry powder alternative to a wet shampoo. Deodorises & leaves the coat smelling fresh & clean. For use on all coated breeds. DIRECTIONS: Apply liberally & work through the coat. Work well into stubborn areas with your hands & brush through against the growth of the coat. Blow out with a cool dryer or continue brushing well - however blow drying & removing all residue is ideal. Naturally derived

400g - $29.00 (while Supplies last)

200g - $29.00 (new stock arriving Feb 2023)

POWDER PUFF TERRIER Texturizer For Terriers & Harsh Coated Breeds


Increases coat texture! Deodorises & leaves the coat smelling fresh & clean with a strong harsh texture. DIRECTIONS: Apply lightly & work through the coat. Work well into stubborn areas with your hands & brush through against the growth of the coat. Blow out with a cool dryer or continue brushing well - however blow drying & removing all residue is ideal. Apply with a flick of a brush or sift onto coat till level of texture is achieved. Brilliant for use when hand stripping coats. Naturally derived.

200g - $35.00

100g - $29.00

WONDER BLOK Stain Reducing Soap

Minimises & reduces unwanted discolouration or stains. The only way to reduce stains without harsh bleaching. Naturally sourced vegetable surfactants and glycerin with a light lemongrass fragrance. Work well into dampened/wet area and then rinse. Avoid excess around eyes or use finger to apply and dry towel to remove before washing off. Safe to use on animals. This really works! Very popular.

100g Bar - $20.00

WONDERWASH Self Rinsing Shampoo

A brilliant instant solution for use at shows and ringside emergencies. Use Wonder Wash on shorter stubborn areas e.g feet, bottom, face & legs. Not designed to take the place of an all over body shampoo. Designed to clean, whiten and brighten or add zing to coats of all colours without bleaching. Use as directed – Shake well and spray onto coat. Massage to a lather and towel dry against the growth of the coat. DO NOT RINSE. CAN DILUTE LIGHTLY. A gentle formula without harsh chemicals. Contains optical brighteners, apple fragrance and violet tone.


250ml - $20.00

500 ml - $25.00

With trigger sprayer

1 Ltr Refill - $36.00

5 Litre - $150.00 (1 left)

5 Litre is now discontinued


Brushes and Slickers and Combs

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All items in stock


Anti Static Porcupine Brush



Pure Bristle Brush



Pocket Pin Brush



Pin Brush Regular - Round Tipped Pin



Pin Brush Regular - Flat Tipped Pin



Slicker Brush Soft



Slicker Brush Soft - Mini



Compact Long Pin Slicker



Large Long Pin Slicker

(Arriving Feb 2023)





Professional Grooming Comb (50% Fine, 50% Coarse pin) - 11.8"



Professional Grooming Comb (20% Fine, 80% Coarse pin) 7.5"



Professional Grooming Comb (50% Fine, 50% Coarse pin) 7.5"



Ultimate Pin Brush



Ultimate Long Pin Brush



Ultimate Extra Long Pin Brush



Ultimate Thick Pin Brush



(sorry out of stock at the moment)


Ultimate Pure Boar Bristle Brush



Ultimate Anti-Static Brush



Ultimate Soft Slicker  Brush



Ultimate Powder Brush




(sorry out of stock at the moment)



Petites Travel / Trial Sizes - 100 ml

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Petites are Individually Priced


Herbal Whitening Shampoo - $11.00

Natural All Purpose Shampoo - $11.00

Natural Conditioning Shampoo - $11.00

Body Building Shampoo - $11.00

Sensitive Skin Shampoo - $12.50

Silk Protein Conditioner - $11.00

Odour Muncher Coat Deodorizer - $19.00

Odour Muncher  - FRESH *New* - Coat Deodorizer - $19.00

OMG Grooming Spray RTU - $11.00

Aprons and Grooming Mats


  Grooming Mats

Rubber Bottom, soft plush top

Large - 34" x 23"

Medium - 18" x 29"

Large - $25.00

Medium - $20.00

  Plush Puppy Apron $30.00



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