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RESCO® Cordo-Hyde show leads are a unique wax coated cotton material that can be balled up in the hand to hide the lead and it's stiff enough so that the dog will respond to a handler's tug on the lead in the show ring. The leads can be put in warm water to remove some of the wax coating to soften the lead. Some handlers prefer this softer feel with a unique RESCO® brass clip that adjust the neck size.

It's available in two sizes: 3/16 x 56" and 3/8" x 62"

3/8 x 62' Cordo-Hyde Show Lead

Colours: Black, White, , Wheat, Tan



3/16x56" Cordo-Hyde Show Lead

Colours: Black, White, , Wheat, Tan




World renown RESCO® Show Leads have been leading show dogs since 1940.  The ideal show lead is like an invisible string

The judge’s eyes should be focused on the dog not the lead or the handler.


You asked for it!  Our professional handlers have asked that we crate a “spinner” show lead.  It has a built-in swivel at the neck end--to allow the dogs that like to spin--free reign.  They can spin all over the place and you remain in control!  No tangling or bunching to detract from the show performance


Also requested was a “neck-pad”.  This neoprene rubber patch is woven into the end of the neck loop to protect those dogs with soft trachea. This takes the stress off the dogs tracheae when there is tension on the lead.  The patch is small and unobtrusive--no matting or hiding the hair during the show.  It matches the color of the show lead so it blends right in--no distraction!


Colours: Black & White


3/8" x 56" - $30.00

Cordo-Hyde Martingale Leads

Martingales combine RESCO® quality show lead with a choke collar for better control in the show ring and training exercises.

It's available in: 3/16 x 42" (Available with 6", 8"and 12" choke collar)
3/8" x 42" (Available only with 14" choke collar)

Colours Available: Black, White

3/16 x 42

8" Collar

10" Collar

12" Collar

14" Collar

All Sizes






You can email us or call 403-938-1885


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